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Taylor 818ce Grand Orchestra Acoustic/Electric Guitar Natural

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Taylor's 800 series has been hugely popular and widely successful for the company. So naturally, along with other groundbreaking upgrades that came in 2014, Taylor has gone and completely redesigned the series. At first glance you see some cosmetic changes that include an ebony headstock overlay, rosewood top edge trim, and a very cool rosewood fretboard. However the real innovative design changes are beneath the surface. The bracing has been redesigned, emphasis on the supporting the sides, while the top and back are able to resonate more freely than ever before. The wood thickness is also optimized for each model to give the most power and richest tone. This is all topped off with Taylor's Expression System 2, which utilizes an ultra-sensitive side-saddle transducer that will revolutionize the way we hear amplified acoustics.

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Additional Info

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