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SunSprite Wearable Light Tracker

  • Tracks bright light exposure and UV intensity to improve your health, body, and mind

  • Invented by Harvard doctors and PhD's

  • Jewel case on website SunSprite.com to wear as a pendant

  • Sync Wirelessly: Easily syncs with your iOS or Android device so you can track your progress real-time, view your stats

  • Never Charge It: Completely solar-powered, no plugs or cords needed

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Become a brighter, healthier you with SunSprite-the first wearable device that tracks both your bright light and UV exposure. Now you can know you're getting enough light to be healthy and happy, while avoiding harmful UV rays. Invented by Harvard doctors and PhDs, SunSprite is backed by decades of scientific data. In fact, bright light is clinically proven to improve your energy, mood, focus, and sleep. SunSprite is completely solar-powered (no cables) and uses a flexible magnetic attachment to easily clip anywhere. Smartphones die in a day, but SunSprite's custom solar panels and rechargeable polymer battery last weeks with just a few minutes in the sun. The SunSprite mobile app provides easy-to-understand, real-time feedback based on your personal tracking data, making it easy and simple to take control of your health.

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Additional Info

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