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Reader's Digest Illustrated Great World Atlas

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Featuring the latest cartographic methods, including satellite-driven imagery that reflects changes in Eastern Europe, Africa, and the former Soviet Union, this timely, new atlas for the entire family furnishes an up-to-date and accurate guide to today's world."

Reader's Digest's Illustrated Great World Atlas is a topographer's dream. In 81 full-page maps designed by Rand McNally, the colors of the world are the colors of height and depth, ranging from white (above 9,842 feet) through brown, yellow, green, and aqua (sea level), to deeper and deeper blues. You can see at a glance the shallowness of the Yellow Sea and the mountainous nature of the center of Borneo. The fissures and slopes of the land are evident even before you can discern the place names. And unlike many atlases, this one is up-to-date, with Hong Kong appearing as part of China. There's also a chapter discussing and illustrating rocks, weather systems, and habitats, as well as a chart with facts relevant to the world's 192 independent countries. In Illustrated Great World Atlas a lot of information is made accessible for a modest price.

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