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PTFit Trigger Point Massage Tool by PTFit

  • Self-massage tool for hard to reach areas such as back, neck, shoulders

  • Easy and comfortable to use for massaging sore or knotted muscles

  • Sturdy yet lightweight, made from high quality birch plywood

  • Useful for acupressure or trigger point massage therapy

  • Made in USA --- 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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PTFit Trigger
PTFit Trigger is a wooden self massage tool for trigger point massage.
The hook design of this massager allows you to reach your shoulders, neck and back, providing a finger-like massage that you can perform yourself.

How to use PTFit Trigger
To relax tight muscles, simply press briefly, release, shift 1/2" and repeat. Work through desired area or muscle.
If you find a sore spot, increase the effect by pressing slightly harder for 10-30 seconds.

What Makes PTFit Different?
- Constructed from birch wood rather than plastic.
- The hook end has a narrower profile than the ball-type projection on other massagers.
- Some users prefer the narrower massage tip over a ball-style tip.

Where to use PTFit...
- neck, shoulders and base of skull
- lower back, buttocks
- legs and soles of your feet

Try using PTFit Trigger to relieve:
- headache
- shoulder, neck and back pain
- pain caused by sciatica
- relax tight muscles
- massage muscles or problem areas after a strenuous workout

PTFit ships with a brochure to get you started. As always, you should consult your doctor before starting new therapy.

PTFit Products are manufactured in the US of high-quality birch wood materials, and have a smooth finish for a comfortable feel and grip.

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Additional Info

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