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Kodiak Cutting Tools 13-MIQU-HLNA USA Made Carbide Bur Set on 1/4" Shanks for Aluminum and Other Non-Ferrous Metals, Assorted NF Style (Pack of 9)

  • Contains Kodiak Cutting Tools brand USA made carbide burs for aluminum and other non-ferrous metals

  • Assorted bur shape heads

  • Burs are all aluminum cut burs on 1/4" shanks

  • Fitted wood block stand included and each size comes in a marked plastic tube

  • Contains 1pc of each shape: SA-1NF, SA-3NF, SC-1NF, SF-1NF, SF-3NF, SD-1NF, SD-3NF, SE-3NF, SC-3NF

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This carbide bur set features high quality double-cut USA made Kodiak brand carbide burrs which are made from premium carbide. This kit contains 9 aluminum/non-ferrous cutting burs in assorted style heads on 1/4" shanks for a wide variety of grinding and deburring tasks. Assortment includes aluma-cut burs on a 1/4" shank in the following shapes and head diameter sizes: SA-1NF 1/4" cylindrical bur (non end-cutting)SA-3NF 3/8" cylindrical bur (non end-cutting) SC-1NF 1/4" cylindrical ball nose bur SF-1NF 1/4" round nose tree shaped bur SF-3NF 3/8" round nose tree shaped bur SD-1NF 1/4" ball shape bur SD-3NF 3/8" ball shape bur SE-3NF 3/8" egg shape bur SC-3NF 3/8" cylindrical ball nose bur wooden stand.

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Additional Info

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