What’s Your (American) Story?

American Shiz fans – this is your chance to share with the masses your personal story of what being an American means to you.  Did you choose to live in the USA or were you born here? How have you served your country? Has travel abroad changed your perspective on what being an American means to you?


Because we at AmericanShiz, and our loyal American Shiz fans love stories and we feel that great stories are meant to be shared to inspire others and serve as a constant reminder of how lucky we are to live in this great country of ours.


  • Start with: My American Story – “Title of your story here”
  • Write 1-3 short paragraphs about what being an American means to you
  • Email it to us: MyAmericanStory@AmericanShiz.com
  • Sign with your first name (or nickname) that we can use to publish your story

What’s then?

We will review entries on a weekly basis and will publish winners on our blog.

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