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AmericanShizis more than an online marketplace of cool stuff to buy. It represents a philosophy, a mission and a social movement to buy products that are made right here in the United States of America.

By buying American goods made in the USA, you are supporting local businesses that hire local employees, use local vendors and service providers and rent local real estate.  Dollars spent in the USA generate a cycle of economic empowerment.

If protecting jobs and promoting economic growth is not compelling enough of a cause, here are a few more benefits to buying American goods made in the USA: 

  1. Quality

    Let’s face it. We don’t manufacture a lot of things in this country. It’s hard to compete with wages overseas. It’s expensive to make things here, both in labor costs and in taxes. So why do it at all? Why manufacture anything here? The answer is quality. Companies that take great pride in their craftsmanship and quality control will chose to make their products here. And we at AmericanShiz.com believe that it is our duty to support them!

  2. Safety

    Poisonous levels of lead are in countless toys & kitchen ware imported from foreign countries.  When you buy American goods made in the USA, you know that American consumer protection laws and safety standards are in place to protect your family.

  3. Human rights

    Many manufacturing countries have lax standards related to working conditions, employee safety, child labor, etc.  Buying American goods made in the USA supports the progressive labor laws our country has enacted.

  4. Environment

    American manufacturers abide by strict regulations to protect the environment.  China, the top manufacturing county in the world, has an outdated and lax environmental policy which allows local manufacturers to create long lasting environmental impact that affects the entire earth.

  5. National Security

One only needs to spend a few hours in the ports of Los Angeles, San Francisco or Baltimore to notice the sea of containers with foreign goods that daily arrive at our shores. Think for just a moment about the nearly impossible task of checking each of those containers to make sure that they contain what they say they contain instead of weapons, drugs, or God forbid, a dirty bomb. The more products we import, the harder it is for our government to protect us.

Friends & fellow Americans, are you ready to join our cause?

Support American Biz, buy American Shiz!!!